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Chairman of the Department of Ministry Training
Kenneth Gurley
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Purpose Institute
Purpose Institute exists as a service to local churches and districts both in
North America and internationally. Its goal is to create better access to training
and a substantial tool for local pastors to offer a person the kind of training
necessary to advance him or her as a local church minister, worker, or leader.
Many pastors can also receive the ministry education they missed at a younger
age. Most church workers do not have the privilege of leaving their local area
to attend a traditional Bible college. If they do leave, they usually remove
themselves from their fields of labor that may be producing substantial results.
They also distance themselves from the day-to-day influence of natural mentors.
Purpose Institute wants to give people training who need to stay in their local
churches and fields of labor. Purpose Institute is a way to sharpen the sickle
without leaving the field.

LINK: http://www.purposeinstitute.com

Christian Service Training Institute

Statement of Purpose:
1) To provide training in Christian service to members of the churches in Section 1
    who are unable to attend a Bible College.
2) To assist Pastors of the section in the training and development of workers in
     their churches.
3) To enable those working in local churches to be more effective in their service
     by training them while they continue to be active in the local church.
4) To provide at affordable costs a comprehensive coverage of the Bible over a
     four-year period with a minimum of 324 hours of instruction.

 LINK: http://www.CSTIsandiego.com