Who will wear the shoes of godly Character or the shoes of Connection connecting fellow apostolic leaders?  Or who will fill the shoes of Community a sharing of common attitudes, interest and goals.  Shoes of Commission or disciple-makers, needs to be filled and the shoes of Commitment for Christian leadership to a cause, person, or relationship needs to be worn.


A great harvest calls for more laborers. The Division of Education is committed to training
an army of leaders through Bible colleges, graduate schools, and other training programs.

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    “Division of Education”

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    Department of Higher Education 
     (Funds will help UPCI with endorsing Apostolic Training in each of our Apostolic Institutions)

    Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  
     (Funds will go to help training K-12 students in leadership and ministry conventions,
     and teacher training seminars)

    Department of Ministry Training  
     (Funds made available to help endorse Apostolic training for everyone desiring more
     bible education)

    Christian Education Thanksgiving Day 
     (Funds needed to build character, connection, community, commission, and commitment
      to every faculty and staff of each UPCI endorsed institutions)

    Arless E. Glass Chaplain Fund  
     (Funds set aside in honor of Rev. Glass to assist Military Chaplain Endorsement)

    Christian Education K-12 Endowment Fund  
     (Funds set aside to assist in Apostolic training opportunities for every child)

    Division of Education Endowment Fund  
     (A scholarship program to help aid students with opportunities for Higher Education)

    Division of Education Patriotic Day Offering 
     (Operational funds for expanding Apostolic Educational opportunities)

    Chris Stout Scholarship Fund  
     (Funds made available to aid families of fallen soldiers)

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Division of Education
Daniel Batchelor, Superintendent
Board Members: Ken Gurley, Charles Barcus and Honorary Board Member Arless Glass
Chaplain Endorsing Agent: Daniel Batchelor
8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood MO 63042 Tel: 314.837.7300 ext 352